How Do I Choose the Best Saw Palmetto Capsules?

Saw palmetto use by women may boost lactation and breast size in addition to stopping hair loss.
Saw palmetto can be used as a special ingredient in shampoos that can help women with hair loss.
Saw palmetto capsules may be used to treat prostrate problems.
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Saw palmetto capsules are among the most commonly used and well researched herbal supplements available. Common uses for saw palmetto capsules include treating prostrate problems, urinary system dysfunctions, hair loss, acne, increased lactation and breast tissue growth. Saw palmetto supplements are available in extract, capsule, and oil form. Choosing between saw palmetto capsules, oil, and extract normally depends upon user preference, though in some cases it is necessary to use a specific version for correct treatment of the different disorders.

Though available in several different forms, saw palmetto capsules is generally the most popular form among its regular users due to convenience and accurate dosing. Another popular way to ingest this herbal supplement is saw palmetto extract which can be added to teas or food to ensure the proper amount is taken during the day. Applying the oil of saw palmetto to the skin is also frequently employed for various conditions, such as hair loss in women. Variations on this herb can be found from reputable online resources and local herb or vitamin shops.

In its capsule form, saw palmetto can be found in 230mg or 160mg doses. The lower dosage capsules should be taken twice a day for the average sized adult. The capsule bottle label will have specific ingredient lists, but it is not uncommon for other herbs like stinging nettle, rosemary, and lycopene to be added.


For men suffering from prostrate or urinary difficulties, saw palmetto is most often taken in its capsule form. When used for decreasing the size of the prostrate gland, most men are typically given a dosage of 320 mg per day. A dose of 160mg can be taken twice in a 24 hour period or a 230mg dose taken once typically with a meal. When selecting saw palmetto capsules, most herbal experts suggest taking capsules that don't contain any dyes, preservatives, or sugar. Studies show the additional ingredients do not enhance the effect of the herb and are unnecessary.

This herbal supplement is also used to improve the health of women in several ways. Saw palmetto for women is considered effective in treating conditions such as hair loss, especially due to hormone disorders. For this type of condition, saw palmetto is applied to the scalp in its oil form or as an ingredient in special shampoos formulated for this purpose. Saw palmetto capsules are also commonly used in encouraging breast growth in women. The herb is often combined with other herbal ingredients like fenugreek and wild yam to inhibit the production of testosterone, with the expected results of increased breast size and, in lactating women, greater milk production.


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