What Are Vitamin B6 Side Effects?

Mental confusion can be caused by a vitamin B6 deficiency.
Vitamin B6 may cause fatigue in some individuals.
Most B-complex supplements contain vitamin B6.
Bananas contain vitamin B6.
Vitamin B6 can be found in tuna.
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The vitamin B6 plays a vital role in human metabolism and overall mood stabilization because it is related to the creation of several neurotransmitters in the brain. B6 does cause some side effects, especially when taken at higher-than-recommended dosages. Vitamin B6 side effects include skin irritation, trouble breathing, and fatigue. Side effects also can sometimes cause changes in appetite, and possible neurological complications.

B6 can be found naturally in many foods typically included in a standard diet. It is found in foods such as bananas, tuna, turkey, liver, and potatoes. As with any supplemental vitamin, B6 should be taken only after a person reviews his diet to see if he's already consuming enough B6 in foods. If so, supplements are not necessary.

The normal dosage for B6 is approximately 100mg per day. Vitamin B6 side effects can begin to become more apparent when the daily dosage is exceeded.

Pyridoxine, the chemical ingredient of B6, is a primary contributor to the overall management of the nervous system. Because of that, vitamin B6 side effects can be most serious effect the nervous system. Side effects can include symptoms of numbness and loss of overall coordination, along with rashes and breathing trouble.


A deficiency in B6 also can cause health problems. In extreme cases, this deficiency leads to problems including mental confusion, skin scars and decreased immunity. Typically these low levels are found in individuals with kidney problems, people with alcohol addiction and people on extreme diets.

B vitamins can be found in what is commonly referred to B-complex vitamins. When taken as a normal daily vitamin, B-complex vitamins can increase metabolism, energy, immune system and overall mood. All B vitamins are water-soluble but caution should be taken if B6 is used as an individual supplement in conjunction with a combined daily vitamin. This may cause an unintentional over consumption and an individual may quickly demonstrate side effects.

The vitamin B6 side effects become readily apparent in patients that acquire B6 toxicity. This can occur when individuals take dosages higher then 200 mg per day. Extreme cases of toxicity have caused swelling in the lips and throat, vomiting, and numbness in all extremities. In the event that toxicity, an individual should seek medical attention immediately.



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Post 3

Although the vitamin b 6 side effects can be very serious, it is important to not take things too far the other way and forget about all the benefits of vitamin b6.

The most common vitamin b6 benefits include maintaining healthy muscles and nerves. It is also extremely important for building DNA and RNA, as well as producing red blood cells and other cells that help with the immune system.

So although the side effects of vitamin b6 toxicity are very serious indeed, don't forget that you still need to get the appropriate dosage -- otherwise you could experience a whole different set of dangerous side effects.

Post 2

This article was very helpful in my research on the side effects of vitamin B6. I had to learn about all of the possible b vitamin complex side effects for a presentation, and this article gave me the clearest explanation, and the most side effects.

Thanks for writing it.

Post 1

I'm so glad that you wrote this article! I was looking at a vitamin B complex vitamin because I had heard all these great things about vitamin B benefits, but the only dosage I could find was for 2000 mg a day!

I can only imagine what kind crazy side effects that vitamin b complex has. Those side effects that you list are really scary, so I can't even consider what taking 2000 mg a day would do.

Thanks for cluing my in wisegeek -- I will definitely be paying closer attention to my vitamin ingredients from now on.

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