What Is Glisodin®?

People who suffer from depression and anxiety should consult their physician before taking Glisodin® supplements.
Glisodin® is made from cantaloupe extract.
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Glisodin® is a commercially-marketed antioxidant derived from cantaloupe extract. It is used as a holistic treatment in arthritis, liver disorders and heart disease, though many studies have been inconclusive regarding its benefit. Many proponents also believe that it may help fight more serious diseases as well. This extract is said to work by increasing the body’s production of superoxide dismutase (SOD) which are important enzymes that protect cells from oxidation.

Most antioxidants are supposed to work by helping the body detoxify and prevent damage due to exposure to harmful elements. The idea behind the product is that its natural source helps the body adjust better than artificial antioxidants do. This product also uses gliadin, a wheat protein, as a way of protecting the SOD. When the SOD combines with acid in the stomach and is not protected, a chemical change occurs, which renders the enzyme ineffective. Gliadin was added to the supplement to prevent this deterioration process.

Glisodin® is marketed as the first effective oral SOD supplement. Many are interested in this supplement for its supposed anti-aging effects and general health benefits. Aside from the effects of harmful elements in the body, Glisodin® is believed to stop the effects of oxidation and the loss of collagen in the skin, as well as promote cell regeneration, allowing skin to look and feel young for a longer period of time.


As with many natural supplements, Glisodin® is not a substance approved or regulated by the US Food and Drug Administration. While studies have not conclusively pinpointed negative or long-term side effects, it is widely suggested that its use be monitored by a professional. Those who have serious health issues such as anxiety or who are on any medication may wish to speak with their doctors before using this supplement. Several studies indicate anti-depressants may have a higher risk of reaction to Glisodin® use.

Many argue that the nutritional supplement contains small amounts of effective ingredients as opposed to the amount one can get in cantaloupe. Others claim that although you can get more SOD with food, most of it passes through the body before it can make use of it. This is generally the justification given for the lower SOD content found in the supplement, and it is commonly advised that a person taking the supplement not go over the daily recommended amount.



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Post 3
Those with gluten allergies should not take Glisodin supplements. I took it without knowing that gluten contains Glisodin naturally and broke out in hives.

I've also heard that once people stop taking Glisodin, all of its beneficial effects are lost. So taking it for a short time doesn't work. It's also a very expensive supplement so I don't know how anyone would go about taking it forever.

I don't think anyone should take this stuff without asking their doctor first. We don't know that much about all it does in the body.

Post 2

@ysmina-- I'm taking Glisodin Skin Nutrients (but you can take any Glisodin supplement) for rosacea. I started getting results after one month of taking 250 mg per day. The regular dose is actually 500 mg but 250 mg has been enough for me. I plan on taking it indefinitely.

Post 1

What dose of Glisodin should I use and for how long to take advantage of its anti-aging properties? I have Glisodin in 100 mg capsules.

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